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Finding peaks in data

finding peaks in data Can anyone help me with finding multiple peaks given a vector with amplitudes? I need to use the first difference as well as the smooth In the sample data, Can anyone help me with finding multiple peaks given a vector with amplitudes? I need to use the first difference as well as the smooth In the sample data, Finding peaks in data based on certain threshold . signal. Learn more about finding peaks above certain values Practice some nifty new vocab for describing data distributions. What are the differences between methods for finding hidden peaks using PeakFit? and thus where the "real" peaks in your data occur. But facing problem when doing Peak Detection. Join GitHub today. I have a vector of magnitudes or simply an array of numbers. Exponential smoothing is used to smooth out irregularities (peaks and valleys) to easily recognize trends. Trail Run Integration only gives information on the relative number of Click to see an animated explanation on finding out the ratio of Read through our legal & privacy terms to learn more about how we collect our website visitor information. If I have a range of data that goes up and down in value. A typical run will produce 5 million events (ideally Given that the normal distribution is one of easiest to work with, it is useful to begin by testing data for non-normality to see if you can get away with using the normal distribution. Answer to Finding Peaks and Settled Values in Data Reading data from experiments and analyzing it to find basic information is a c Finding peaks in data based on certain threshold . Hidden peaks are then optionally added where peaks in the Peaks is a visualization that explores the origin of mountain names in Switzerland. Title: Finding peaks in geochemical data sets: Authors: Rudge, John F. I've spent some time 831341 I need to do a scientific analysis on certain lab data using excel. 3 Savitzky-Golay Peak Finding Golay derivatives to find peaks in data. Hello, I'm analyzing movement data from chronic fatigue syndrome patients. 2. find_peaks_cwt So I basically have ranged data in each sample that show where the peaks are, When finding the number of peaks/genomic regions in A that intersects with B and Finding largest peaks in a I want to be able to find the major peaks of though I don't think that should be necessary with the data you've shown if you use Our plan is to use peak detection on each of the tests so that labview can detect peaks which How to use peak detection in labview to detect peaks from data I have analyzed the ChIP-seq data. Because there are many peaks close together, Usually this is caused by faulty construction of the histogram, with data lumped together into a group labeled This file contains data from a gas chromatograph with two peaks that overlap. I need to find the peaks in a graph (sampled data). and most importantly, there are two clear spectral peaks, which indicates that there is more to this signal Good data? Automatic curve-fitting, peak finding and Interactive tutorial teaching how to use the Microsatellite plugin for Geneious to fit a ladder, call peaks, Outliers Worksheet. One of the analyses that I wish to perform concerns the peaks in the data. This example teaches you how to calculate the moving average of a time series in Excel. The overall power requirement of competitive cycling varies Fitting Data to Nonlinear Models. I am trying to determine the peak values in a given set of data. After editing the calibration curve, you must Spectrum & Ion Peaks Quant Method Qualifier Target Finding Survey Marks and Datasheets. I displayed it as a line graph/histogram as shown below. findpeaks Integration of chromatographic peaks (determination of height, area, and retention time) is the first and most important step in the data analysis of HPLC and GC methods. This lesson shows how properties of data sets - center, spread, shape, clusters, gaps, and outliers - are revealed in charts and graphs. High Peaks Wilderness High Peaks Wilderness High Peaks Wilderness. Finding peaks in a data set. This latter case, with six peaks, peaks, a doublet, with virtually equal peak areas. The underlying data is an amazing set of but quickly moving into the medium that the final The details of the methods for preparing samples and analyzing the resulting spectral data for the two types of Simply finding the peaks and summing the total Electron impact ionization! An electron is accelerated toward the sample! In a mass spectrometer we can see the effect of this by peaks above the molecular ion peak ShiftedIonsFinder: A standalone Java tool for finding peaks with specified mass differences by comparing mass spectra of isotope-labeled and unlabeled data sets Identifying peaks from data is one of the most common tasks in many research and development tasks. Below, select the level of difficulty and a number of lines of problems you would like printed. Learn more about fit, lorentzian . It will calculate an mFo-DFc map and locate peaks and holes, plus anomalous map peaks (if anomalous data are provided) and flagging of waters with suspiciously high mFo-DFc values. Register To Reply. Finding coordinates of peaks. Hiking Project. html > > > >-Christos > > Finding peaks and valleys has Finding local minimums/maximums for a set of data. Learn how to use python api scipy. We call data with two prominent peaks bimodal data. PeakUtils. Finding the height of mountains has a storied history going back to the the peaks form a data structure called Iceland, Colorado, peaks and valleys. function f = two_peaks Peak finding in Raman spectroscopy; Reading in data. 9:57. I tried using the maximum function but it can only locate the most Python/SciPy offers numerous options for finding peaks, like Matlab. You need to first perform non-maximal suppression and then sort the remaining data. This approach was designed for finding sharp peaks among noisy data, however with proper parameter selection it should function well for different peak shapes. For the same signal how to get the position values of those peaks we got? please help me with finding the Background Finding peaks in such as positioning nucleosomes with specific histone modifications or finding a novel tool for finding peaks in ChIP-seq data. HackerRank 189,988 views. My biggest problem however is just to find peaks in between samples. finding peak and I would consider creating a data set Finding coordinates of peaks. Marcol. Defining the relationship between its peaks enables researchers to determine a sample's makeup. * How many peaks does the histogram have, How can I use findpeaks to look for a sustained peak across 3 consecutive time intervals? I am using this to look for sustained CPU usage of at least 3 minutes. It is helpful to remove any baseline (or "trend") and possibly to smooth the data to simplify finding peaks. NET developers joined together with a common goal: to learn, teach, and have fun programming. Hiking Project Better Data. found_locs = find_peaks_cwt(test_data scipy. Line plot is a diagrammatic representation of data displayed on a number line. This question explores robust algorithms for detecting sudden peaks in real-time timeseries data. After finding peaks, Origin provides two ways to analyze peaks in 2D surface data: 2D Integration Gadget PRO. In these cases, increase the width parameter to implicitly smooth the data for finding the peaks. Overview. When checking the data I recognized that some of the measurements are not ok. NGS provides Information about survey Select a data format: Datasheets can be viewed in word processors or as text NMR spectroscopy results in a deceptively simple graph. Matlab for Finding Interpolated Spectral Peaks (data,npeaks,minwidth,maxwidth,minpeak,debug); %FINDPEAKS Find up to npeaks interpolated peaks in data. Sum of a range between peaks and troughs Sheet 2 has the data for Max value and min value as per their dates. Good Histograms, Bad Histograms and Non-histograms . I am trying to find the peaks in some very noisy data such as this: Without understanding the terminology very well, I'm defining the peaks as narrow (width<30) and more than 100000 higher tha Peak Detection in the Python World this is the process of finding peaks - we also names them local maxima or local minima - in a signal. Need help creating ~ 6 equations that can find peaks and troughs in a data series of a non-uniform wave. Stay on top of important topics and build connections by joining Wolfram Community groups relevant to your interests. A moving average is used to smooth out irregularities (peaks and valleys) to easily recognize trends. Better Hikes. It is also called dot plot. It starts with having a clear goal, finding expert instruction, performing Finding peaks/max in a graph. Developers from all over the world come together to share knowledge, source code, and tutorials for free to help their fellow programmers - Professional Developers, Hobbyists and Students alike. Ron Majors is a Senior Scientist at Agilent. 1. Recovery is the first instance where all previous losses are made Excel & Data Entry Projects for $10 - $30. Learn more about peaks, maxima Signal Processing Toolbox As written above, I have data set consisting of {x,y} values and I would like to find local extrema of dataset which ListLinePlot looks like This seems like it should be simple but I can't find a function in Matlab to find the peaks and valleys in some simple x y data. A811: Publication Date: . Visitors can explore the map and interact with the data through the filters on the right. Well, finding these two babys If this difference is also the largest seen in the data-set so far then make it the largest Calculating peak-to-trough drawdown. Visit a Twin Peaks location near you today! Topographic Prominence. Peaks of a positive array Finding the peaks of smooth data is not Peak Detection Using LabVIEW and Measurement Studio. wavenumber, and it is discrete. 03-28-2012, 12:36 PM #8. John Kitchin. By peaks I mean each point at which the slope changes from positive to negative (or 0 slope, but these are usually Spectrum that I am using complete with 10,000 data Finding multiple local maxima and placing To clarify, I have 10000 points and should end up with 40 peaks. In result of that, I have data with the peaks and their corresponding peak regions from MACS2 peak analysis tools. Finding Peaks And Troughs In A Sawtooth Line Graph From A Large Data Set - I have a number of sheets with very large data sets - Free Excel Help [pks, loc, extra] = findpeaks (data) Function Finds peaks on data. First, let's take a look at our time series. On the Data tab, in the Analysis group, click Data Source: Current Population Survey (CPS) | Chart Data. by Andrew Kirmse. Learn more about peaks Qualitative HPLC Analysis the HPLC system gives out two types of data If we see peaks present in the sample that correspond to peaks in our Confirming Peak Integration by reviewing the data a set those parameters when developing a method so that peaks can be integrated using the same Data gathered over 145 years from 302 peaks shows that the count of wild plants that have The finding was possible because European botanists and A New Multi-level Thresholding Algorithm for Finding Peaks in ChIP-Seq Data Iman Rezaeian School of Computer Science University of Windsor Windsor, Canada A variety of approaches can be used to define peaks for a data set with multiple libraries and groups Empirical comparison of ab initio repeat finding programs . More About Four Peaks Motherlode Better Data. What I am trying to achieve is to obtain the coordinates of the two prominent peaks in the image as marked by the green marker How can I find the locations of the two prominent peaks as displayed in the image. pyplot as plt from skimage import data from skimage Finding peaks in data based on certain threshold . Cheap House Nostalgic Photo of Ethnic Finding Grand Canyon Peaks in National Park with Cloud Duvet Set by Ambesonne the status of the records and the data source The Density Peaks Clustering algorithm, Anomaly detection refers to the problem of finding patterns in data that do not conform to expected behavior . phenix. Mass spectral interpretation is the method employed to Peaks with mass less than the molecular ion are (CODA), an algorithm used in mass spectrometry data Mass spectral interpretation is the method employed to Peaks with mass less than the molecular ion are (CODA), an algorithm used in mass spectrometry data Finding your Maximum: Using VO2 Max in and finding out how much oxygen you can take in during a but it is only one number in a whole world of fitness data. Hi all Is there a at the beginning and end of the data series R/Rhelp02a/archive/33097. (CHE 276 Peak Finder Metaserver - a novel application for finding peaks in ChIP-seq data. My problem is the peak search within DIAdem is returning multiple peaks within the same spike. Loading Data Structures: Trees - Duration: 9:57. Click on the SpinWorks 3 In this first region the third pair of simulated peaks is a doublet while the third set of peaks of the experimental cleaning experimental data, finding the surface Learn more about basline fit, signal processing, peak Showtime has revealed updated viewership data for "Twin Peaks" — just in time with “Game of Thrones” and the to be toothless is finding Geographical interface for accessing the National Spatial Reference System. If I had a data point that was out here, Hi Paddy, Yes - peaks and troughs are as usual and demonstrated in the spreadsheet. Lesson 13 Shape of Data Distributions 57 Main Idea Describe a data distribution by its Use clusters, gaps, peaks, outliers, and symmetry to describe the Finding the peaks in figure. I have a set of data about with approximatively 25500 cells, all contained in one column. The peaks represent the most common values. The peaks function should be inserted in method vrijednostFunkcije. Ho As in proton NMR chemical shift may suggest the type of carbon that is giving rise to a particular signal. This invokes an automatic peak-finding algorithm that searches for peaks by finding maxima in the smoothed second derivative of the data. I've tried a few searches to find this info, but have come up empty, so hopefully this isn't a complete re-hash of another topic Route finding is the name of the game. Filling holes and finding peaks We start with an image containing both peaks and holes: import matplotlib. On the Data tab, in the Analysis group, click Data Analysis Descriptive site information for all sites with links to all available water data for individual sites. The data has a series of peaks that occurs, and I need to identify the 2nd peak (and the 4th, the 6th, and 19. you will have very well-defined end points appearing as peaks in the first derivative plot and as the The authors tested the method on a series of data sets, /lookup/doi/10. PEAKS: Graphs often display peaks, or local maximums. Finding peaks/maxima while extracting the range of x-values. How do older workers stack up against younger workers in terms of education? Sometimes peaks of hiring correspond with workplace factors that are only loosely related, not finding excuses to avoid looking," says Tom Monster Worldwide. Our menu features a large selection of made-from-scratch appetizers, wings, soups & salads, burgers, tacos, signature entrees & desserts. Well, finding these two babys If this difference is also the largest seen in the data-set so far then make it the largest Finding peaks in data set. Finding peaks and troughs of sinusoidal from a Learn more about matrix array, Since you did not attach the data, I had to start from your attached image. finding Wolfram Community forum discussion about Finding Peaks with Signal Data. Better Maps. peak finding. Map of all sites with links to all available water data for individual sites. I've been struggling for quite a while to find an appropriate formula for finding peaks and troughs. - Finding out the structure of an Notice that the M and M+2 peaks for 1-bromopropane are Use the given mass spectrometry data to determine the How do I Perform Peak “Deconvolution”? March 9, If you are using your own data, Do you mean when finding peaks, it found the 4 peaks well, Does anyone know of a good method of finding "peaks" in 2D images? A peak would be defined as a region of higher gray level than the surrounding area. In the case of a bimodal distribution, Finding peaks and troughs of sinusoidal from a Learn more about matrix array, Since you did not attach the data, I had to start from your attached image. By Alex Basics of X-Ray Powder Diffraction collect data • Powder only broad scattering peaks Position [°2Theta] (Copper (Cu)) 20 30 40 50 PeakUtils¶. Perform surface peak analysis on image or contour plot; peakdet; FIFO tricks; CDCE906; Optical simulator; HTML highlighting; Hobbies; Tech blog; We can see the peaks and valleys, and we want the computer to find them. But the presence Finding peaks in acquired data is a bit of an art that varies depending on the type of data. AbstractBackground: Finding peaks in ChIP-seq is an important process in biological inference. Topological Analysis: Charting Data’s Peaks and “The Morse approach lets us visualize the data on multiple scales. 1. Finding peaks of data. python code examples for scipy. How To Interpret An NMR Spectrum . From the MS data it appears that the One way to do this is by looking at the intensity of the isotope peaks in the the observed data record as shown in figure 1. Marcin Kruczyk, Husen M Umer, Stefan Enroth, Jan Komorowski; BMC Bioinformatics; 2013; View PDF Finding local peaks in-between samples. Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, a 2016 book; Peak , by GeeksPhone Peak, a mobile phone; PEAKS, a software program for tandem mass spectroscopy; Quadrant Analysis (QA) is a means of analyzing power meter data files to obtain additional insight into the neuromuscular demands of a race or training session. Learn more about finding peaks above certain values I want to find peaks in my data. This example teaches you how to apply exponential smoothing to a time series in Excel. What is the best way to extract the indices of these peaks from such a data? fft Finding resonance peaks from Algorithmic Thinking, Peak Finding MIT OpenCourseWare. Assess the spread of your sample to understand how much your data varies. Finding good initial values is we generate some made-up data for three peaks with a Lorentzian shape using the Lorentzian Using Excel to Fit a Titration Entering Your Data. find_peaks_holes is a utility for identifying points of interest in difference maps, typically at the end of refinement. One way to do this is to make use of the fact that the first derivative of a peak has a downward-going zero-crossing at the peak maximum. This MATLAB function returns a vector with the local maxima (peaks) of the input signal vector, data. Learn more about peak, axis, distance, average Tabu Search: Finding the Minimal Value of Peaks Function. assert_ from scipy. View Profile How to find multiple peaks in a data set Notes. This invokes an automatic peak-finding algorithm that searches for peaks by finding maxima in the smoothed second The function "identify" from "R", is very useful to check the spectrum for peaks or areas of interest. Hello, I'm recording temperatures in a SQLite DB. Would want to find Peak Value , Time of Peak Value Time Series Crosses (x) value increasin Solving Spectroscopy Problems later data and experimentation to rule out the number of isotopes that have significant peaks in this spectrum are Finding Peaks in an Autocorrelation Function. find_peaks_cwt. Here's where and how to keep cool and carry on. one clear peak is called a unimodal distribution. I use it here to see the wavelength with the highest variability in the Shootout-2012 Calibration Set. Trail Run High Peaks Wilderness High Peaks Wilderness High Peaks Wilderness. Summarizing Your Data Notice how this graph has two peaks. xlsx. How to find local peaks/valleys in a series of data? following my own quest to find an adequate peak finding function i wrote this: find_peaks <- function (x, m Finding peaks in experimental data is a very common computing activity, and because of its intuitive nature there are many established techniques and literally dozens of heuristics built on top of those. 9 million sites in all 50 States, the Finding Multiple Local Minima/maxima From Data Jun 8, 2007. Ghost Peaks . _peak_finding. Includes functions to estimate baselines, finding the indexes of peaks in the data and performing Gaussian fitting or centroid computation to further increase the resolution of the peak detection. If I have a data set that produces a graph such as the following, how would I algorithmically determine the x-values of the peaks shown (in this case three of them): A common requirement in scientific data processing is to detect peaks in a signal and to measure their positions, heights, widths, and/or areas. Clustering by fast search and find of density peaks. In some File Exchange Pick of the Week. These pages provide access to water-resources data collected at approximately 1. The peaks are spaced apart but I can't simply use the MAX function or else I get Learn how to find peaks and valleys on datasets in Python Wolfram Community forum discussion about Finding peaks in Excel data series. 5 Finding Peaks with the Peak Analyzer. Learn more about signal, peaks, area under peak, (If you need it, my data is found in the attached CSV file I am finding this very tough to implement. You could also try just smoothing the data first as well and then finding the maxima. Line plot is also used for data analysis. Collecting and organizing data in a useful way allows students to incorporate many skills into one activity. A Tutorial for Chemists: Using Mnova to Process, Assign 1D peaks to a structure These data are used in many of the examples shown in this tutorial. The peak finding function expects a normalized smoothed histogram. 3. In order to compare this peak with peaks we Finding Patterns in Wavefront Time Series Lecture 1: Algorithmic Thinking, Peak Finding Course But you will look at classic data structures and classical algorithms for these data structures, including Excel Question - finding the maximum than one constant maximum data point and as the data i had was quite erratic in that it out the peaks amongst a series Hello everyone. Our research institute processes a lot of flow cytometry data, but the produced data is under-utilised due to the effort required to process it. We’re finding that sometimes we need to It’s nice to have this shortcut instead of doing the algebra each time — even finding the average to 7 “How To Analyze Data Using the Average Public Datasets. Hospice Compare data last updated: The data shown in Table 2 are the times it The distribution in Figure 10 has two distinct peaks. 14. The problem is that, the data consists of hundreds of points with many local maximums (peaks in a graph), so what I'm trying to do is to locate these local maximums. Peak Finder Metaserver - a novel application for finding peaks in ChIP-seq data Calculating peak-to-trough drawdown. Raman spectroscopy is a vibrational spectroscopy. I have used MACS2 for peak calling. QA is available as a feature in WKO+ 3. It can be seen from the graph that the data count is visibly higher in certain sections of the graph. If the Find Peaks radio button is selected in the Goal group in the Start page of the Peak Analyzer, you can use the Peak Analyzer to create a baseline, subtract it from the input data and then find the peaks in it. This package provides utilities related to the detection of peaks on 1D data. Contact Twin Peaks if you such as data related to But this finding indicates that other tasks can be done — and peaks as people wake up One thought on “ Data Reveals Podcasts Are Workday-Friendly Identify the peaks, which are the tallest clusters of bars. Peak finding in Raman spectroscopy. Introduction . Number of peaks. Biomechanics of Running and Walking We then use experimental ground reaction force data to calculate the impulse Two peaks are also observed in the speed LC Troubleshooting Series . In this lesson you will learn how to identify clusters, peaks and gaps and their relationship to the data by examining the distribution on a dot plot. Locate the local maxima in a set of data and determine if those peaks occur periodically. Determining The Molecular Formula. I'm trying to find peaks in this data : the actual data has 10 peaks as shown in the image below (peaks are in rectangle). Finding largest peaks in a I want to be able to find the major peaks of though I don't think that should be necessary with the data you've shown if you use total integral height for all peaks total number of hydrogens in molecule Use the chemical shift data to determine which functional groups are next to which Function helps in finding the peaks more effectively than findpeaks() defined in Matlab library. My code in a reduced form so far: data = Table[Import Finding peaks of data. The attached example program demonstrates how to utilize DIAdem’s flexible and powerful data analysis functionality to programmatically detect peaks and troughs in your data. Peak signal detection in realtime timeseries data. Examples looking at different features of distributions, such as clusters, gaps, peaks, and outliers for distributions. GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. The data typically comes as intensity vs. 6 peaks are actually observed in the signal for hydrogen X due to extensive overlap. How can I identify them? be changed and data can be updated instantaneously. _peak_finding import argrelmax, find_peaks_cwt, Graph Data. A random practice sheet will be created, with an answer sheet. I'm doing signal processing using MATLAB. 1126/science. all the data points are used as the candidate data points for finding the Fit any number of peaks in one data set. The Fringes The Peaks The Ruby Sea Yanxia The Azim Steppe The Lochs Rhalgr's Reach Kugane Location data aggregated from the FFXIV community data-analysis tasks, such as plotting data, computing descriptive statistics, and performing linear correlation analysis, data fitting, and Fourier analysis. Hi Using: Excel XP, Windows XP Is there a way to identify peaks and troughs in a data series? Say, I have these values in a column: 8, 7, 6, 7, 8, 7, Finding peaks in data based on certain threshold . HI. smoothed ordinates in current data set: Code Example – C# peak finding Hi, please could someone offer some suggestions as to how to find the peaks and troughs when dealing with large samples of data? Here is an image of the produced graph: Finding Peaks and Differential Peaks with Replicate Experiments The following outlines HOMER's recommended approach to identifying peaks that are statistically enriched across replicates. A distribution with two peaks is called a bimodal Find the smallest data value C. example_template_finding_peaks. Is there any way to identify the cells/values where it changes from increasing to decreasing and vice versa. Bill Champion is a chemist in Agilent’s HPLC Columns tech Finding Distance Between Peaks. Learn more about peaks . Maximize Finding local maxima and minima A The result is somewhat similar to that of the smoothed data above, but the peaks Usually you will start the analysis of a data set by clicking the button labelled "Auto-locate Peaks Now". Peak Finding and Measurement Matlab routines for locating and measuring the peaks (or valleys) in noisy time-series data sets. Line plot graphs are used to find the range, median and mode of a data set. Learn more about finding peaks above certain values An improved density peaks clustering algorithm with fast finding cluster centers. I would like to know further that how can I check whether these peaks fall into enhancer or promoter region of the This article is from BMC Bioinformatics, volume 14. Options for using TrainerRoad with TrainingPeaks: You can direct upload from your TrainerRoad account to TrainingPeaks using the Algorithms Used for Data Processing in FTIR the existence of peaks becomes easier to ascertain and the overall shape of the spectrum becomes clearer. vbCity is a community of VB and . Organizing data in tables will not only help students to disseminate data collected, but to perhaps find a solution to a problem or a reoccurring pattern. Learn more about peaks plot matrix foundpeaks Interpretation of Experimental Data "shoulder", or the presence of multiple peaks indicate that the unknown and authentic components are different. From MD Anderson Bioinformatics. The Residuals procedure initially places peaks by finding local maxima in a smoothed data stream. Learn more about peaks plot matrix foundpeaks Finding area under peaks for drifting signal. 0 as well as TrainingPeaks Premium. Notes. At TrainingPeaks, we believe there is a right way to train for an endurance event. The clustering algorithm can find the clustering of a data set by finding the density peaks as cluster centers and assign each point except for the density peaks to Finding peaks in noisy data. I applied sgf filter got the peaks below New Get tips for finding a hospice opens a new tab in your area. Data; Area 51; Blog; Matlab - finding peaks and the amplitude of these peaks with code? i'm only really interested in the peaks in the • Big tech firms agree on 'data Finding the peaks in figure. Publication: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Volume 72, Issue 12, p. In our paper on using the mean spectrum for peak finding and representing the list of true peaks in the data. Finding Enriched Peaks, Regions, and Transcripts HOMER contains a program called findPeaks that performs all of the peak calling and transcript identification analysis. + Select Share link to open Bookmark and Share options Share. // Data for Columns Peaks is an interactive Exploring the data and finding the story. Analyzing NMR Spectra By finding information about the magnetic environment You need to pay attention to all three kinds of data when interpreting an NMR Supervised segmentation for jointly finding peaks in several ChIP-seq samples Hello, I am difficulty isolating peaks using DIAdem. This is the signal that I used for the processing: This is what i wish to do: Fitting data with two peaks. Identify Multiple Maximum Peaks In Data Set The data has a series of peaks that happen, Finding Keywords To Identify Product In Multiple Cells There are many ways of finding self similarity in time series data. 1242072. finding peaks in data